By using the CabSurf service, you agree to the collection and use of personal informations as described in this policy. If we make significant changes to this policy, we will notify you.

We care deeply about protecting your privacy. Please send us any comments/questions you may have about our service.

How we treat your informations:

We will never spam you.

When acting as a passenger, we disclose your personal informations to drivers you have effectively booked.

When acting as a driver, we disclose your personal informations to only those passengers that are actively searching for a cab nearby yourselves.

We will never sell, rent or share your personal information with a 3rd party, unless required by law. Never ever!

We will only access your personal information when:

  • You specifically asked us to do so (eg you are having technical difficulties)
  • It is required by the law
  • It is necessary to maintain the system

What informations do we collect:

Your identity informations :

  • required : name, email, phone number
  • optional : access password, personal picture

Your email address is verified and never disclosed to anyone. Your phone number is forwarded to drivers you have booked. You may define any name you want to interact with the service. Your access password if set is stored in encrypted form.

Your vehicle informations : If acting as a driver, you will need to provide informations concerning any vehicle that can be used to transport passengers.

  • required : type, brand, model, license plate
  • optional : pictures

Your Location informations :

  • When acting as a passenger, we determine your location each time you do a search
  • When using the driver mobile application, you are continuously tracked.

Your use of the service :

  • We record the time at which you access the service
  • your activities in the context of the service specifically your searches
  • any progress in the execution of your order

The sole purpose of those informations is to ease the delivery of transportation services.

Cookies and log files:

When accessed through the Internet, the CabSurf service stores inside your web browser a unique tracking code called a "cookie". We use such tracking code to authenticate all the requests your are issuing to the service. Other cookies might be stored inside your web browser to help collecting usage statistic of the site (unique visitor, pages visited, etc)

As is done with most web sites, we log each visit to each web page. A log entry contains your tracking code, your Internet Protocol address, the date and time of day and various informations related to the web browser you are using. This log information is important for security, audit, quality improvement, as well as for monitoring the health of our service.


  • We will never spam you.
  • We disclose information concerning you to only those people (drivers, passengers) who need to interact with you.