CabSurf is a technology platform that brings together providers of person transportation services and prospective passengers. By using the platform as a passenger you agree to the following terms and conditions.

Disclosure of accurate information

Prior to use the service as a passenger, you will be required to provide personal informations such as name, picture, phone number enabling to identify you. Refer to our privacy policy to learn how we handle such informations. Drivers may use those informations to contact you in relation to reservations you have made using the platform. It is therefore important for you to ensure those informations are accurate.

CabSurf limitation of liability

Passenger shall realise that CabSurf is only an intermediary in between service providers and themselves.

CabSurf takes no responsibility for :

  • damages and losses incurred as a consequence of interacting with third parties encountered through the platform.
  • damages and losses resulting from an accident during the course of a ride booked through the platform.
  • damages and losses resulting from a delayed or non delivered ride, when such ride was booked using the platform.

While CabSurf is trying hard to ensure that drivers it indexes are registered professionals using properly maintained vehicles to perform their duty, it is not in a position to guaranty so. Passengers shall always exercise judgment prior to boarding any vehicle they have booked using one of the CabSurf service, and they shall refuse to board in any of the following cases :

  1. Driver does not appear to be a professional.
  2. Vehicle does not appear to be equipped for providing professional transportation service.
  3. Vehicle license plate differs from the one transmitted by CabSurf.

Respect of others

You shall not use our platform to publish informations not respectful of others. When you interact with drivers you have reached using our platform you shall always behave politely and reassuringly.

Respect of commitment

Drivers are incurring costs to service reservation you are making using the platform. Failing to timely inform a driver that you don't need anymore a transportation you have required is a major breach of this agreement.

Payment of transportation services

As a passenger you are not incurring any cost for booking a driver using one of the CabSurf services (mobile hailing app, phone number). Drivers however never provide their services for free. You shall pay them at the end of the ride based on metered fare or according to a pre agreed price.

Refusal of service usage

CabSurf reserves its right to refuse to transmit any demand coming from a certain passenger for any reason it may judge convenient.