CabSurf is a service available globally, which continuously monitor the location and availability of professional taxi drivers. CabSurf also maintain a taxi driver directory.

The CabSurf databases can be searched freely by persons in need of a cab.

The CabSurf application is available freely for IPhone and Android devices. It allows to search and contact nearby cabs in seconds. After using the application to book a cab you will be able to track the arrival of the booked vehicle on your mobile. You may obtain more information on how to use the passenger application by looking at the "Mobile app tour".

In some cities, CabSurf also maintains dedicated phone numbers to let users find available vehicles just making a phone call or texting.

Each time CabSurf proposes you to enter in contact with a certain driver, it provides you information regarding the driver and the vehicle that would be used to transport you.

Never accept to board the booked vehicle if:

  • Vehicle is not equipped to provide a professional service.
  • Vehicle license plate differs from the one you have been transmitted.
  • Driver identity meaningfully differs from the one you have been transmitted.

As a passenger you can optionally register with the CabSurf service. Registration allows you to be authenticated when you are using the system.This helps drivers trusting your demands.

CabSurf requires participating drivers and their vehicles to be authorized by the law of the country in which they operate to provide person transportation services.

However being an online service we are not in a position to reliably enforce such requirement. By always verifying that the vehicle you are boarding is: conform to the description we provide you suitable for delivering a professional taxi service you render difficult non authorized use of the platform.

CabSurf is free to use for passengers, drivers however provide their services for a price which you shall pay.

Drivers and their vehicles are subject to regulations which vary accross regions and which govern how ride fare are to be calculated.

You are likely to encounter 2 main categories of vehicles in CabSurf :

  • Metered vehicles (often called Taxi or Cab) have an inboard fare metering system which allows the cost of your trip to be determined based on time and distance travelled.
  • Unmetered vehicles need to have been booked prior to pick you up. Drivers of such vehicles shall always inform you of the price of the ride prior to departure.