CabSurf is a technology platform that brings together providers of person transportation services (later called Driver) and prospective passengers. By using the platform as the Driver you agree to the following terms and conditions.

Legal authorisation

Prior to use the CabSurf platform to advertise your services or report your vehicles location and availability you shall secure the necessary legal authorisations to operate such kind of service.

Disclosure of accurate information

Prior to use the service as a Driver you will need to disclose informations useful to :

  • identify personal driving vehicle
  • identify vehicle they use

Refer to our privacy policy to learn how we handle such informations. Passengers will use those informations to contact drivers in relation to reservations they are making using the platform.

CabSurf limitation of liability

The Driver shall realise that CabSurf is only an intermediary in between passengers and themselves. It has no reliable way to guaranty that passengers using the platform can be trusted.

CabSurf takes no responsibility for : damages and losses incurred as a consequence of interacting with third parties encountered through the platform. damages and losses incurred as a result of a passenger not being present at agreed ride departure. * losses resulting from a non paying passenger.

Respect of others

Drivers shall not use our platform to publish informations not respectful of others. When drivers interact with passengers encountered through the platform they shall always behave politely and reassuringly.

Respect of schedule

In the event the Driver has accepted a reservation, it shall maintain the passenger informed of its arrival time at agreed departure point. In case the Driver is unable to provide the service he committed to deliver, he shall timely inform the passenger.

Refusal of service usage

CabSurf reserves its right to cease to index the Driver for any reason it may judge convenient.