CabSurf is an innovative service available globally that continuously monitors the location and availability of vehicles providing person transportation services.

Each vehicle participating in the service reports its current position and availability every few seconds. This informations is stored in the CabSurf real time database.

CabSurf allows prospective passengers to search this fast changing database from their mobile phone.

CabSurf also maintain a static directory (name, location, phone numbers) of person transportation services providers. Informations from this directory are provided to passengers in case no monitored vehicule is available.

By using CabSurf, prospective customers find you instantaneously if you happen to be well placed to pick them up.

The service let you save on:

  • Fuel costs, by letting you serve more passengers along your way.
  • Dispatching cost, by letting you directly answer to your customers.
  • Marketing cost, as it put your vehicles on the mobile of customers you have never met before.

It depends if your vehicles are actively being tracked or not.

  1. Drivers of tracked vehicles receive customer reservations directly on their smartphones
  2. Providers listed in the CabSurf directory are reached over phone line.

CabSurf takes into consideration :

  1. Current distance from departure point.
  2. Drivers availability and priority
  3. Passenger preferences.

Note that actively tracked drivers have the priority over providers listed in the directory.

CabSurf is the only Taxi service around, who play by the rules of the Internet, and which is not trying to replicate the model of established Cab companies.

After having been certified, drivers may participate to the service for free and will never have to payback any commission in case they accept a ride demand we have forwarded them.

Drivers may optionally subscribe to a premium account, which will allow them to have the priority on incoming demands.

Yes, we strongly believe that drivers who participate for free bring value to the platform by allowing to improve service coverage and passenger satisfaction at peak hours.

When a passenger searches for a driver, the platform first determines which are the best located to pick him up. Priority of each of the selected drivers are then considered, so as to select which drivers will be first proposed to the passenger.

Drivers who use the CabSurf drive application to report their location and availability always have the priority over drivers that are offline and simply listed in the directory, regardless of their current respective subscription level.

Priority is granded to premium drivers, then partner drivers and then certified drivers.

After you have been certified, in your driver website account you will find a page labelled Partnership Program. From here you can download a customized flyer that uniquely corresponds to you, which allows your customers to download the passenger application.

We count the number of downloads coming from you and rewards you with the partner status once you have reached a certain score. Being a partner grants you free premium priority for one year, and permanent partner priority afterwards.

You need to be legally authorized to provide person transportation service to enroll as a driver in CabSurf. You need also a GPS enabled smart phone to run the CabSurf drive application. After you have successfully registered in the driver website, you will be able to activate the driver application on your smartphone.

The CabSurf driver application is currently available on IPhone 4+ or Android (os version 2.2+) devices. To run the application during long shift period, you shall power the phone using an external power adaptor. An external smartphone car mount is also advised to ease operating the driver application.

That depends heavily on your mobile operator and phone configuration. If used continuously (12 hours every day), the driver application shall consume around 50 MB of data per month. The problem is that most phones are running additional applications without the owner being aware of it. Those applications end up consuming large volume of datas,300 to 512 MB budget being a reasonable guess.

Contact us to get listed in the CabSurf directory. We are already indexing around 300,000 providers in between North America and Europe.